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Writing Prompt #6 : Sworn Alliances

"I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you." 
Exodus 23:22

Explore your character’s reasoning for joining a particular side, or if they’re neutral, why your char refuses to take a side. Do they truly believe in their alliance’s cause and share their belief even if it’s radical? Or are they simply pushed into the group because their situation forced them into it. How has your character’s views regarding their company changed throughout their time there? 

Keep in mind:

  • PROTECT is the leading force who is fighting for peace. Although their methods are heavily restrained by the government, this is for a reason. They symbolize discipline and constraint. Even though they are post humans and have the power to impose peace on others, they don’t. 
  • Nexus is all about control. They heavily believe in the fact that post humans are mutations in the evolutionary chain and are dangerous beings. To them, post humans pose as a threat to the way of life for everybody. Because of this they respond by bagging and tagging them and other means of violence, which used to be practiced covertly but now is all in the open.
  • Rogues are the least organized and youngest of the three. They are chaotic and disorderly to contrast the other two factions who are extremely structured and organized. These people are the ones who look down upon all who think post humans are abominations. They embrace their power and assume that their role in life is at the top of the food chain.

Do your characters agree with all that their respective alliance stands for?

You may write for one character or all the characters you play. The choice is up to you. You may self para this or para with somebody else if you want. Just explore and elaborate on what it is that your character stands for in this war for power.

When you’re done, tag your prompt as HeroesRPG: Prompt 6, so that we can keep track of your lovely writings and so others may read it if the dash drowns it out.

-Your loving admins

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