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Mohinder ponders:

Have you ever stared up into the sky and thought about life? As beautiful, as majestic and full of possibilities as it is, the truth is that it is short. We emerge and come into this world fighting the mist and uncertainty of life. These are our early days where we learn the norms of behaviors society has set up. As the mist clears up, a bright new world is unveiled to us. It’s bright. It’s captivating. And above all else, it’s frightening. Soon enough the world as we know it transform into something completely. Day turns into night yet darkness turns into light. These are the conundrums we must deal with as we grow and try to discover who we are in this vast world. Maybe once in a while we can take time out to relish in the wonders that life can bring us. But even then we all must come to realize the harsh truth: life is short and can end within a split second. The sun will come out again and shine for the rest of the remaining generations to follow in our footsteps. 

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