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As an elaboration of the sixth rule on our page, 

We will ask you guys to please don’t claim a canon character as your own and create indie pages for them, but you may do so with your own OCs.”

this also encompasses all other aspects of this RPG’s plots and extends to other forms of roleplay platforms, such as forums, as well. It also includes changing a few details of our characters and plots as claiming as your own. 

-Your loving admin

Activity Check

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The following characters need to be active

And that’s a wrap!

Hollywood AU was a great success! Thank you all so much for participating. For those who didn’t get to play the AU out, don’t worry! We might have another AU event sometime this year. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. You’re all amazing writers and I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful event. 

Feel free to post all of your regular replies now if you’ve been drafting/queuing them for the event. Activity checks will be done shortly.

-Your loving admin

AU Event is ending

Please wrap up all replies and asks within the next hour!

Pages are under construction

I’m in the middle of updating/renovating some of the pages right now and if you have changed your URL within the past year, can you please comment on this post to let me know?

Thank you in advance!

Your loving admin

The Tie Breaker

With five votes each for Marvel and Hollywood AU (one of the votes was sent via askbox) , we will have to have a tie breaker to determine which AU to do. 

I will use virtualcointoss to flip a coin. Marvel will be Heads and Hollywood is Tails. 

The results is: Tails. (Forgive me for not knowing how to screencap on the library’s computer.) So we will be going with Hollywood AU for our anniversary event!

So now that we have our AU, here are some information and guidelines for the event. 

Setting: Hollywood, 2014

Your characters are all actors on the show Heroes which follows the plot of our RPG. All of our canon individual plots and writing thus far are considered as “on screen.” Your characters may or may not have different personalities off screen. The fact that the actors have the same name as their roles is irrelevant. 

The event can start whenever this post is published since I know there are a good number of members who live in different time zones. 

Forms of threads allowed in this event: Gif, Gif paras (rapid fires), Full paras

Event duration: From today to Wednesday morning (4/7 - 4/9) The duration was stretched out in order to give all members an equal opportunity to participate in the AU, although it is not mandatory whatsoever. 

Extra note: I know that we have previously talked about this AU in the chat/blog, you may use whatever you planned for your character in this AU except for the pre-established romantic ships from the spreadsheet. Not everybody had access to the spreadsheet at that time so it is not fair to them for others to already have ships. My main goal is just to make things fair for everybody and make this as not-stressful as possible.

To help you get started here is a blank template you can use to figure out what your character is like off set:


On-Screen personality: (aka the personality of actor’s character)

Off-screen personality: 

The role they originally auditioned for:

Favorite genre/s to act in:

Twitter/Instagram/etc screen name:

Please tag all starters with: HeroesRPG: AU

If you would like to post something OOC in regards to our 2nd anniversary, please feel free to! Tag it as: HeroesRPG: anniversary

Forever your loving admin,


Another year has gone by and it’s time to say good bye to our old theme!
Thanks to fantasieswriter, we have our own custom theme now. As you may be able to tell, the theme is under construction so please be patient with me as I get everything set up. 
Happy Anniversary!
-Your loving admin

Another year has gone by and it’s time to say good bye to our old theme!

Thanks to fantasieswriter, we have our own custom theme now. As you may be able to tell, the theme is under construction so please be patient with me as I get everything set up. 

Happy Anniversary!

-Your loving admin

Voting Results part 1

  • Zombie apocalypse ||||| ||||| |
  • Genderswap high school ||
  • Reversed Roles ||
  • Musical AU…
  • Nami’s Future ||||
  • Marvel Crossover ||||| |
  • Genderswap ||||| 
  • Bodyswap 
  • Victorian England |
  • Wild Wild West |
  • Pokemon ||||
  • Hollywood |||||
  • Dystopian ||
  • Pacific Rim |||
  • Once Upon a Time ||||
  • Harry Potter ||||

The top 4 results are Zombie Apocalypse, Marvel Crossover, Hollywood, and Genderswap. Since there are some who didn’t vote for any of the top four, I want to give everybody a chance to contribute to which AU we’ll be doing Monday event, therefore we’re going to hold one more voting session. 

Between the top 4 (the bolded AUs) please vote ONCE for the one you would like to play out. 

-Your loving admin

AU Possibilities

Suggestions are now CLOSED. Below are all of the suggestions I received! 

  • Zombie apocalypse - powers are intact
  • Genderswap high school
  • Reversed Roles - the roles of the factions are swapped - powers are intact
  • Musical AU…
  • Nami’s Future aka Nexus winning - no Rogues
  • Marvel Crossover
  • Genderbent 
  • Bodyswap 
  • Victorian England
  • Wild Wild West 
  • Pokemon
  • Hollywood
  • Dystopian 
  • Pacific Rim
  • Once Upon a Time aka Fairy Tale
  • Harry Potter

You guys may now reply to this post with your TOP 3 choices. The one with the most votes will win. Also, please state whether you’d be okay with starting this AU this Monday afternoon (April 7th, our anniversary date). 

-Your loving admin

List of Suggested AUs

For your reference, I will keep an updated list of everything people have sent in so far here. Thanks to those who have messaged their suggestions in already!

-Your loving admin

Anniversary AU Event

For the newer members, and those who haven’t been keeping up with the updates, Heroes RPG is going to have our 2nd anniversary event next week! A brief overview of that is on this post.

From now until Thursday or so, the inbox will be open to AU suggestions. Reminder that the AU will not affect the canon universe in any way. This is purely for fun.

Unless you are currently on hiatus, if any of your characters have been inactive (meaning no recent activity as well as lacking at least ongoing paras) then you won’t be able to participate. If you are unsure whether you are able to participate then feel free to ask!

-Your loving admin

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